Dynamic test load

Pile testing by IPM Impuls Pfahlmessung GmbH.

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The principle
the dynamic test load

A shock wave is introduced into the pile with the help of a free-fall pile driver. Here the pile to be measured is regarded as an elastic rod with one-dimensional wave propagation.

The force of the deformation of the pile under the impact is measured at the pile head by means of strain gauges. Furthermore, the acceleration of the shock wave is recorded as another type of force measurement by means of an acceleration sensor. By integration, the speed curve is determined. The product of this compression speed and the pile impedance (Z=E*A/c) results in the second type of force measurement. Compared to the pure force measurement, this calculation includes the vector from the acceleration.

By comparing these two independent measurements, a distinction is made between the force wave running downwards to the base of the pile and the force wave running upwards, which is reflected by skin friction and peak pressure. The limit load results from the measured skin friction and the peak pressure.

Our services


  • Consulting, planning, concept
  • Certificates, calibration
  • Provision of the freefall device
  • Assembly work
  • Implementation according to EA piles or international standards
  • Documentation / Evaluation


  • Free fall weights from 7 to 12 tons
  • Measurement technology (several PAH and sensors)
  • wireless transfer
  • Pile instrumentation


  • CASE evaluation – bandwidth of static limiting load | integrity and pile length | rough load distribution of skin friction
  • CAPWAP analysis – Static limit load (compression or tension direction) | load – displacement curve | skin friction / peak pressure | cross-sectional changes | integrity and pile length


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Our references of dynamic test loads at a glance:

2018 - Number of test loads: 107 pieces

Extract Germany:

  • K 7725 southern bypass Kehlen
  • Stuttgart – New building OFFICE ONE
  • Elbe-Lübeck Canal – Büssau Lock
  • Erfurt – TEAG CAMPUS
  • Brunsbüttel – New construction 5th lock chamber Brunsbüttel
  • Hamburg Hafencity – Baakenhafen Quarter
  • Lübbenau – Kaufland Logistics
  • Kiel – Ostseekai – new terminal LP 28
  • Frankfurt am Main – Continental parking garage


  • Linz – Austria – New Bruckner Tower
2017 - Number of test loads: 130 pieces

Extract Germany:

  • Hamburg – New railway bridge Kattwyk
  • Trier – New construction of vocational training and technology centre
  • Nordhorn – North bypass – Building N2 / N3 / N4
  • Wismar – Port expansion Seaport 2.BA
  • Rostock – Seaport Ölhafen
  • Lübeck – replacement of the Possehl Bridge
  • Berlin – CCHPP Marzahn – SIEMENS combined heat and power plant
  • Herford – MIG Herford GmbH & Co. KG
  • Minden – New building “RegioPort Weser


  • Linz – Austria – A7 Mühlkreis motorway – Voest bridge
  • Bratislava – Slovakia – Sky Park